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icon-moduleThis 4 day module is often participants’ first experience with the NSELC. Participants begin this module by completing the “Insights Discovery Profile”, a one day program designed to allow participants to examine their own personality and preferences. (For more information on the Insights Discovery Profile, go to the "Workshops" tab at the top of this page.

With this self understanding as a reference, participants explore a wide variety of topics related to working with others in a learning community. The knowledge shared and discussed throughout this module is as appropriate for a first year teacher as for a school based administrator or for Central Office staff. This Module includes opportunities to recognize each person’s individual learning style as well as how they operate as a member of a team. With this self understanding as a reference, they explore topics related to working with others in a learning community. Topics include personal and organizational change, effective group and teamwork, recognizing, nurturing and reshaping school culture and communication strategies.

Registration Fees:  $473 + HST = $543.95

Scheduled Offerings

There are currently no scheduled sessions available for this offering. If you wish to enquire about future availability or to arrange for training, please contact us.

Participants’ Comments

“With such great facilitators and the practical nature of the Module, it made me want to take more.”

“Time of presentation was excellent (mid August) right before a new year.”

“This module should be offered to all teachers preferably in year 2 or 3.”

“Great balance of theory and hands on activities.”

“Best PD I’ve had in some time.”

“Not just for administrators- all educators.”

“A great Module to start with.”

“I have learned more about myself in the leadership context than I even thought possible. That is the first step to becoming an effective leader.”