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icon-moduleThis 3 or 5 day module was written in partnership with the Department of Education. The first component is a generic 3-day workshop which can be taken by anyone who wishes to improve his/her mentoring and coaching skills in general. For those with specific curriculum interests, the 3 day module can be paired with the Department of Education 2 day follow-up in Literacy or Mathematics.

The purpose of this module is to help participants gain a deeper understanding about the nature and dynamics of successful mentoring and coaching relationships, and to understand how these relationships provide critical support for people engaged in the change process. Participants explore the multiple roles of mentors, myths and truths about mentoring, characteristics of successful mentors, and the key factors that create and sustain positive mentoring relationships. Participants also increase their knowledge about coaching and engage in hands-on learning activities focused on practicing and refining their coaching skills.

Registration Fees:  $341 + HST = $392.15

Scheduled Offerings

There are currently no scheduled sessions available for this offering. If you wish to enquire about future availability or to arrange for training, please contact us.

Participants’ Comments

(5 day Session)

“I felt engaged the entire week. The pace of the sessions and the activities was such that the new information could be absorbed without getting bored with the information.”

“A super week with loads of information and a collegial atmosphere. All presenters were knowledgeable, prepared and informative.”

“Thank you for another worthwhile PD opportunity! Having the time to learn from and with others who share common goals and interests is invaluable.”


(3 day Session)

“I enjoyed learning about mentoring and my philosophy and understanding have changed as a result of this workshop”

“The practical coaching sessions on the 2nd day were great. Usually not enough is done to provide an opportunity to practice and receive feedback.”

“I have acquired new skills and strategies that I will attempt to use in my classroom, with peers and most importantly in my technology mentoring sessions.”