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icon-moduleThis three-day session will explore: Rational and conceptual foundations for social justice education; activities and discussions concerning racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, and classism. Strategies for the creation of schools dedicated to social justice. In addition the module will explore the conceptual foundations for a social justice focus in education, as well as strategies that can be initiated in schools and social districts to address inequity.

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Scheduled Offerings

There are currently no scheduled sessions available for this offering. If you wish to enquire about future availability or to arrange for training, please contact us.

Participants’ Comments

“Great to have diverse educators there in various jobs- continue this!”

“Good climate and trust created.”

“My eyes have been opened.”

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do this with a whole school staff?”

“A very insightful course which promotes critical consciousness into the much needed reform in both curriculum and teacher awareness surrounding social justice.”