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All registration fees should be paid at least 7 days before the start of the session.  Receipts will be handed out at the session.

There are several payment options:

  1. Cheque or Money Order
    • - Write a separate cheque for each session which you plan to attend.
    • - Please contact the office to arrange this method of payment.


  2.  VISA or Master Card
    • - Please DO NOT send the number and expiry date in an e-mail.
    • - Call the NSELC office at (902) 422-3270 and give the number and expiry date.
    • - Cards will be debited 3 - 4 days before start of the workshop (as receipts are shipped with module materials)


  3. Bank Debit Cards
    • - Participants must bring their debit cards to the NSELC offices before 2:00PM, in order to use this option.


  4. Board-Ordered Cheques
    • - Let us know if your Board is paying the NSELC directly and if you require the invoice in advance of the session.


  5. School Cheques
    • - Note that the NSELC receipt will be made out to the name on the cheque (i.e. the school) and not the participant's name.


Additional Notes

  • Please do not bring payments to the module/workshop as the facilitator is there to facilitate and not to act as cashier.
  • There are occasions when a school board may purchase a specific number of seats for a module or workshop.  If your board is paying for you in this manner, please remember that you still need to register on the NSELC website.